Re: PIC32MM 出現 Configuration mismatch reset

作者 Ryang 於 2018年07月19日 10:40:21
我只找到底下有關 Configuration Mismatch Reset 的說明。
建議檢查一下 OSC 的設定修改一下 Configuration Bits 的值,Try 看看是否還會被 Reset.

Configuration 的初始設定是燒在 Flash Memory 裡的,開機後相關的位元會被載入到對應的暫存器裡去控制所需的設定,只要修改這些暫存器就可以火線上變更設定的。例如: 選擇震盪器,修改震盪器的除法器...等。

PIC32 Family Reference Manual. Section 07 : Reset

7.3.7 Configuration Mismatch Reset
To maintain the integrity of the stored configuration values, all device Configuration bits are
loaded and implemented as a complementary set of bits. As the Configuration Words are being
loaded, for each bit loaded as ‘1’, a complementary value of ‘0’, is stored into its corresponding
background word location and vice versa. The bit pairs are compared every time the Configuration
Words are loaded, including SLEEP mode. During this comparison, if the Configuration bit
values are not found opposite to each other, a configuration mismatch event is generated which
causes a device Reset.
If a device Reset occurs as a result of a configuration mismatch, the CMR Status bit (RCON<9>) is