Re: PIC32有分省不省電嗎?

作者 Ryang 於 2017年01月17日 15:02:07
要省電建議參考 Atmel 的 SAM L21 (SAML21J18B) ... ers/arm/sam-l.aspx#saml21

The ultra-low-power, high-performance ATSAML21J18B ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based Flash microcontroller (MCU) is ideal for a wide range of IoT and battery-powered applications.

power consumption down to 35 µA/MHz in active mode and 200nA in Sleep mode.

或 PIC32MM系列: ... chitecture/pic32mm-family

Key Attributes
Low Power: optimize power consumption in battery applications — Low Voltage Sleep Mode with RAM retention < 500nA
Low Cost — Prices as low as $0.60 in high volume