MPLAB driver switcher 無法切換 ICD3

作者 FrankC 於 2017年10月16日 11:06:57

有按右鍵執行"MPLAB driver switcher"

目前在 MPALB IDE v8.92
ICD3 可正常動作...

唯獨 MPLAB X 切不過去 ..

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip 下

MPDDSwitch64, v1.06.00

Plug in ONLY the tools you want switched. All other tools should be unplugged.

2017-10-16 11:01:05
Real ICE driver not changed.
ICD3 driver being setup for MPLAB X. Please wait (this may take several minutes)...

MCHPDDS64 Application Result: 2
ERROR: Invalid INF path OR unit not plugged in OR Switcher not 'run as administrator'
If you are not switching this tool, but still have it selected above, change your selection
to 'Do Not Change' for this tool.

You may have changed the MPLAB install location during your last install.
Unless you manually specified the install location during your last install, please
select Advanced and then Use Default on the MPLAB X Driver INF File
location entry. You will need to select Apply All again thereafter.
You may also need to right click on the Switcher application and select
'Run as administrator' or 'Run as...' and then select administrator. This is
especially applicable to Windows 7.

PM3 driver not changed.
PIC32 SK driver not changed.
Apply Changes done