Re: USB HID Telephony Device

作者 misteryao 於 2017年07月04日 12:11:34
感謝,有發現問題了,主要是HID Descriptor 的問題
您附上的文件,表示hookswitch 是必需的,之前應該是在這邊沒有處理好,我將Keyborad 的HID Descriptor換成這份文件的5.2.4裡的Descriptor,電腦就任的出HID裝置了
不過現在還面臨一個問題,就是要怎麼發送Telephony的report,直接用keyboard 發送report的code看起來是不相容,這部分還要再研究看看

5.2.4 HID Report Descriptor
As is customary for HID report descriptors, the contents of the report descriptor are described here in a readable notation that can be readily assembled into binary form.
The following example is for a simple phone with the following features:
• A hookswitch for the handset. (This is mandatory.)
• A standard telephone keypad. (This is optional.)
• A volume control. (This is optional.)