Re: BM78 傳輸速度 請教

作者 cyshay 於 2017年12月04日 11:27:23
BM78 is a Bluetooth Salve module. The host (mobile phone, pad, PC} decides what mode (BLE or BR/EDR) to use to connect to BM78.

For iOS device, BLE is always used unless MFi firmware and authentication chip are used in the device.

For Android device, Bluetooth manager uses SPP to pair to BM78. If the BLE connection needs to be established in Android, it has to be initiated from an App.

If you want to restrict BM78 to use only SPP (BR/EDR) mode and use it as a single mode device, you can use BM78 UI tool to set it.

If you would like to use BM78 as a master device to connect to another BR/EDR module, RN4678 module is recommended.

Let me know if you need further help.