Re: MCP2221DLL SmbReadBlock 讀不到資料

作者 Edison_yu 於 2018年01月03日 09:11:37
4.2.5 SMBDAT low timeout
It is possible that a malfunctioning device holds the SMBDAT line low indefinitely. This
would prevent the master from issuing a STOP condition and ending a transaction. At
this time there is no specification on the maximum time that a device can hold
SMBDAT low after the master raises SMBCLK after the last bit of a transaction. Such
a specification is under consideration for future revisions of the SMBus specification.
In the meantime, the recommendation is that if SMBDAT is still low tTIMEOUT,MAX after
SMBCLK has gone high at the end of a transaction the master should hold SMBCLK
low for at least tTIMEOUT,MAX in an attempt to reset the SMBus interface of all of the
devices on the bus.